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Dance Magic Performing Company

Director / Choreographer: Tracie Phillips

Choreographers: Kathleen Burnett, Kelsey McCowan, Jansenn San Juan, Daniel Brintz, Alissa Lazar, Frankie Pepper, Madelynn Frame, KD Reilly-Lewis, Phil Wright, Brooklyn Juve

The award winning Dance Magic Performing Company competes at top Southern California competitions and performs at numerous community events in the Antelope Valley.
These dancers are on a rigorous training schedule that includes ballet, tap, hip hop, jazz, contemporary, technique, and choreography classes. DM Co. alumni dancers are performing, choreographing and teaching around the country. Their experience with the company has helped instill in them a strong work ethic and the pursuit of excellence which serves them in any career path they follow.

Hip Hop Dancer in Lancaster, CA
Contemporary Dancer in Palmdale, CA
Hip Hop Dancers in Antelope Valley
Dance School in Antelope Valley
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